Archive for For those who have, or, know someone who suffers with Crohn's Disease.

Come And Say Hello
Don't be shy come and say hi!
What Is Crohn's Disease
Chrohn's Disease
A brief explantion of Crohn's Disease
What Is Your Experience With Crohn's Disease?
Do You Have Crohn's Disease?
Let us know if you have Crohn's how it affects you.
Do You Know Someone Who Has Crohn's
If you know someone who has Crohn's what do you know about it and do you feel you can help them in any way?
How Do You Cope With Crohn's?
Is Laughter The Best Medicine?
Do you rely on your sense of humour as coping mechanism? If so share your funny stories here
Is Talking To Anyone Of Help To You?
Do you talk to you family and frinds to help you cope? if so let us know.
Is There A Support Group Near You?
Is there a local support group that you can attend? If so you can put their details here.
Useful Contacts
Useful Contact Numbers And Addresses
Here you can find a list of useful contact numbers and addresses (U.K. Only).
General Chit Chat
Here you are able to start topics about ordinary everyday things as long as it does not offend anyone.
Have You Got A Joke To Share?
If you have a clean joke please share it with us, but, remember children can access this board!
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